Accounting majors typically have a career path in mind when they declare, opting to work in and around finance in some capacity. The most beneficial thing about getting a degree in finance or accounting is that it can provide the pathway into a variety of fields and industries. You don’t necessarily need to have an eye on becoming a Certified Public or Management Accountant to have a desire for pursuing an accounting degree. There are plenty of other positions where you don’t even have to work directly with money either, but having the knowledge you gain with an accounting degree can prepare you for jobs in law, government, even the entertainment industry. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to consider an accounting degree.

Competitive Salaries

Working for an individual or an organization as their main financial steward can be a rewarding career choice, with the median salary for accountants approaching $65,000 annually. That number can increase with a specialized credential as a CPA or CMA at a range of $10,000 to $15,000 more. It’s based on your training and educational background. Simply put, money is a fundamental component of business and accountants will always be in high demand. Those individuals who offer an elevated set of skills to an employer will always be compensated more than others who do not have that training.

Job Prospects

Since accountants are so necessary to keep your financial house in order, it’s a profession with a considerably upbeat employment outlook. Recent statistics show that job opportunities for accounting majors are on the rise at a rate of 11% over a period of ten years since 2014. That trend is better than most other occupations out there. What better way to avoid dealing with a rough job market than stacking the odds in your favor after you graduate?

Learn to Communicate Better

Accounting is a profession that relies heavily on the power of good communication. Taking an accounting course can help you improve your skills and prepare you for working with a wide range of clientele and organizations with who you would need to be in contact, especially around tax season. But even if you don’t ultimately decide to work in finance, strong communication abilities can help you get ahead in the industry you do select after you graduate from the University of Miami.

Relevant Degree Options

When you major in accounting, you have a few choices as to the type of degree or certificate you can earn from all that hard work. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum educational requirement that just about every employer will insist you have in order to get hired. There are other alternatives such as earning a masters in accounting online or go for a master’s business administration or associates degree. All of these can properly prepare you for a long list of employment opportunities and the degree you select can help open the doors to the job you really want after you graduate.